Nitesh Mistry

Only Human

-- About Me --

Hi, I am Nitesh Mistry.

I am a 28 29 30 31 years old Mumbaikar. I was brought up in Dombivli, a calm cosmopolitan suburb of Mumbai.

I am an accountant by profession, vying to gain membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I graduated in commerce from University of Mumbai.

Currently, I am working with a CA firm engaged in assurance services. I help its clients in strengthening their internal control systems accross various functions.

I am a free software enthusiast and love to tinker with different linux distributions, though Ubuntu has remained the favourite. Learning new things related to computers such as programming/scripting, web-design, internet networking, etc. is my hobby. I am also a gadget freak and religiously follow technology blogs. In a single word I am a Geek (do NOT look up for the dictionary meaning of the word 'geek'). For those of you who are interested in my geek code, head over here

When people say I have a good sense of humour, I say they have a good sense of humour.

Recently, I am bitten by the photography bug (since the time I got an Olympus 565UZ camera), and keep taking pictures of everything that surrounds me. Some are pleasing to the eyes, while rest are just wastage of battery and memory.

Sometimes I tend to be philosophical - Socratic style. I start by questioning the very basis of existence of anything and end up being clueless about everything. Getting involved with Art of Living helped a lot. If you have any answers, please contact me. :D

That is it for now.

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